Unlocking The Healing Power of Pets
Was Haustiere Ihnen über Ihre Seele und die beste Therapie für Ihre Haustiere sagen können
Unlocking The Healing Power of Pets

Here's How You Can Unleash The Healing Power Of Pets And Improve Your Life!

Let's be honest. If you are reading this, you probably know how important a pet's role can be when it comes to stress management and mental health. Chances are, you've experienced it yourself. 

You feel calmer when you are with your dog, cat, or horse. Your heart rate drops, and you start feeling happy - for no apparent reason. 

Your pet's mere presence is enough to transform your mood. 

But How Much Do You Really Know About Your Pet's Healing Superpowers? 

Why are puppies, cats, or even horses used by hospitals and mental institutions as therapy animals?

What makes your dog, kitten, or parrot such an important part of your healing journey?

Understanding the immense healing power of the dog, the cat, or even the horse is not as simple as you might think. Researchers have been studying animal and human behavior for decades, trying to unlock the secrets that make getting a furry friend one of the most life-changing decisions of your life. Are you ready to learn more? 

Introducing "Are Pets The Better Human? The Healing Power Of Animals": 

Kurt Friedrich Gassner, the best-selling Austrian author and self-improvement expert, has created a comprehensive guide that will help you

🐾 Learn Why Pets Are The Better Humans And The Value They Add To Your Life

🐾 Understand Why Dogs Are Used As Companion Or Therapy Pets And How They Reduce Stress 

🐾 Discover How Equine-Facilitated Therapy Can Help Teens Overcome Pain 

🐾 Find Out What Makes Pets Such Effective Emotional Support Specialists 

🐾 Gain An In-Depth Understanding Of How Your Dog Can Make You Healthy And Happy

Don't Hesitate! 

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