Spiritual Escapism
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Spiritual Escapism

Understand Spiritual Escapism, How It Affects Your Life, And Discover How You Can Escape From It!

Are you or someone you love a victim of spiritual escapism?

Do you feel demotivated and have no will to improve yourself?

Are you looking for a book that will help you overcome your inner fears and face your problems?

Introducing ''Spiritual Escapism'' By Kurt Gassner!

Spiritualism can certainly have a positive impact on someone’s life. It can help people find their purpose, understand themselves, think positively, handle pressure in a better way, boost their mood, and more. However, spiritualism comes with some alarming negatives as well.

A lot of people turn to spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with their painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. This is called spiritual escapism and can have a negative impact on someone’s life.

Like it or not, the ugly parts of our humanity are where growth can occur. While spiritual bypassing may be less harmful than some other coping mechanisms, it can still lead to negative outcomes that hurt an individual’s ability to grow as a person and fulfill their potential.

This comprehensive book will help you understand the definition of spiritualism, how it can affect people and societies, why spiritual escapism can negatively impact people's lives, scientifically proven methods and techniques to escape it, and much more!

Top 5 Reasons To Buy This Life-Altering Book Today:

✔️ Dive Into The Basics Of Spiritualism And Discover Why People Adopt Spirituality

✔️ Explore The Concept Of Spirituality In Different Religions

✔️ Find Out The Purpose Of Spiritual Disciplines And How To Approach Them

✔️ Learn What Spiritual Escapism Is And How It Can Affect People

✔️ Discover How Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Can Help

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