Redefining The Corporate Soul
How To Build A Corporate Soul And Create A Successful Business

Discover How To Build A Corporate Soul And Create A Successful Business!

Do you want to build a business with a human-centric performance culture that makes an impact?
Are you looking for guidance on how to spot problematic areas in your business and fix them?
Introducing ''Redefining The Corporate Soul'' By Kurt Gassner!

Just like with human interactions, your company’s soul is expressed through a feeling that stays with customers after engaging with your product, service, or team.

To truly create a unique long-term company that impacts lives and improves local economies, you need a corporate soul! Without it, you may have a company, but it’s nothing special. Soul is what will separate you from the mediocre. It’s what will make you stand out!

With this outstanding book, Kurt Gassner aims to make soulless companies a thing of the past!
Filled with valuable information and strategies for sustained innovation, this compelling guide is everything you need to transform the performance and value of your company! You will learn how to tap into your subconsciousness, define your company’s values and communicate them, how to discover the unique selling proposition of your brand, and so much more!

Top 5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Love This Comprehensive Corporate Book:

✔️ Understand What Is A Company's Core Value
✔️ Learn How To Measure Your Organizational Cultures & Values
✔️ Find Out What Companies Should Do To Engage Their Employees
✔️ Explore The True Value Of Purpose In Business & How To Get It Into Your Business
✔️ Discover The Things That Create An Ideal Work Environment

Und das ist nicht alles!
Within the pages of this ground-breaking psychological book, you will find examples of corporations that failed to innovate as well as companies with killer core values!

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