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True Stories and Management Lessons for our Tough Changing Times

Discover Why You Should Stop Fearing Failure, Learn To Embrace It And Succeed In The Business World!

Is the fear of failure holding you back from implementing new ideas?

Are you afraid that if you fail once you will miss your chance to succeed?

Introducing ‘’ Was Amazon's Origin Invented In Germany?’’ By Kurt Gassner – An Educational Book Filled With True Stories and Management Lessons For Our Tough Changing Times!

Every entrepreneur feels the fear of failure at some point. The fact that only half of new businesses make it to their fifth birthday can cause entrepreneurs a lot of stress.

In fact, fear of failure is one of the most common reasons why people don't go into business for themselves. However, experts say failure can lead to major accomplishments. Failure is not scary, and it shouldn't be feared. It should be welcomed!

Every successful entrepreneur has experienced failure. Failures of all sizes provide a valuable benefit. They help to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that allows us to keep pushing forward.

This inspiring book by Kurt Gassner is filled with real-life stories as well as multiple management lessons that will help you discover how failure can be the quickest path to success, that learning from your mistakes can make you a better entrepreneur, and help you become a successful leader!

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✔️ Discover What It Takes To Become A Manager

✔️ Explore The Failure Culture Of European Management

✔️ Gain Valuable Lessons From The Story Of Amazon, Tesla & Google

✔️ Learn How To Manage Bad Habits & Conflict

✔️ Find Out How To Create A Company Growth Culture

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