Born to Publish
All You Need to Succeed at Making Media

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Publishing Industry!

Do you want to be a successful publisher?

Do you consider starting a publishing business but don't know where to start?

Are you a publisher who wants to expand his knowledge and learn more about the industry?

Introducing ''Born To Publish'' By Kurt Gassner!

The publishing industry continues to grow and evolve, providing a wealth of career opportunities for a range of professionals, from editors to book designers.

Working in publishing is the dream job for many. What’s not to like about helping authors realize their vision and share their stories with the world? It’s a creative and exciting industry filled with passion. But what does it take to become a successful publisher?

If you’re an aspiring publishing professional who wants to learn more, this comprehensive book is exactly what you need! And who is better to learn from than someone with 40 years in publishing, who has dozens of books in bestsellers lists and makes a living out of publishing?

Comprehensive and easy to read, this book will show you what it takes to become a publisher, how you can do it, the career opportunities of publishing and so much more! From operations procedures and financial methods to personnel management and product development, it covers all the topics you need to succeed!

Top 5 Reasons To Read This Educational Book:

✅ Discover What Publishing Is, Its Types & How To Choose The Right Type For You

✅ Explore The Fundamentals Of Book Writing & The Importance Of Influencers

✅ Learn How To Transform Your Passion Into Work

✅ Find Out What Are The Career Options In Publishing

✅ Learn How To Become A Trendguide Publisher

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