The Bliss of Struggle
Winning strategies for demanding times
The Bliss of Struggle

Learn How To Turn Your Struggles Around And See Them As Opportunities To Improve Yourself!

Are you tired of letting life's challenges bring you down?

Do you want to become a stronger, resilient person?

Learn How To See The Light During Dark Times And Turn Your Life's Challenges Into Lessons With ''The Bliss Of Struggle'' By Kurt Gassner!

Life’s journey is treacherous, with ups and downs, curves, twists, and twirls. Problems and challenges in life are part of the game. No matter how much you plan your life, bad things will keep happening, challenges will cross your path.

Some people seem to meet every challenge with confidence, while others struggle to overcome them. You can overcome these challenges! With a sense of responsibility and awareness, you can begin your journey into a higher state of consciousness where challenges are no longer challenges, but opportunities to learn and grow!

Do you avoid dealing with difficulties and learning from them by playing the role of the victim or do you face them directly and choose to grow from the experience?

This outstanding book aims to show you that every difficulty that you will face in life can be turned into an important lesson that will make you stronger. It will teach you how to embrace your failures, move on from the past and have a happier future.

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✔️ Discover The Valuable Lessons You Can Get From Poverty, Struggles, Sickness, Etc.

✔️ Explore The Concept Of Hardening And How It Can Benefit You

✔️ Find Out The Importance Of Awareness And Courage

✔️ Learn What To Do When An Obstacle Arises In Your Life

✔️ Discover How Taking Care Of Yourself & Embracing The Darkness Can Make You Happier

And So Much More!

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