Sophia's Wonderworld
Discovering the mirades of Kirchberg + Kitzbühel in the Austrian Alps 10 Tales
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Take A Unique Journey Filled With Magic And Adventures!

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Introducing "Sophia's Wonderworld" By Kurt Gassner - A Collection Of Regional Tales Inspired By The Austrian Natural Scenery!
Far in the Austrian mountains, the Kitzbühler Alps in Tirol, there are two small villages, Kirchberg and Kitzbühel. The majestic beauty of these places sets the scene for ten regional stories that Kurt Gassner collected throughout his life journey. Infused with breathtaking adventures, head-turning views, and a dose of magic, these stories aim to travel you into a whole new world where everything is possible.
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Here Are Top 3 Reasons To Add This Book To Your Library Today:
✅ Perfect To Read At Any Age: Sophia's Wonderworld is written for children, but it is also suitable for grown-ups who still believe in the magic of a good story and want to remember what it feels like to be a kid again.
✅ Short & Easy-To-Read Stories: unlike other kids books packed with super long stories, all ten tales included in this book are short enough so your kid can read them anywhere in just a few minutes.
✅ Thoughtful Gift Idea: are you tired of always surprising your kids with toys? This book is the unique gift you need to offer them on any special occasion!
A Book For Sophia And Every Kid Around The Globe!
This children's book is dedicated to Sophia, Kurt Gassner's granddaughter, and every other young or older kid wishing to fill their life with new stories.

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