Mindful Brand Auditing
The New Way to Explore Brand Value
Mindful Brand Auditing

Discover The New Way To Explore Brand Value And Run A Successful Business!

Are you new to brand auditing and want to learn everything about it?

Do you want to explore how mindfulness in brand auditing can help your business?

Introducing ''Mindful Brand Auditing'' By Kurt Gassner!

A brand audit is a process used to analyze how a brand is performing in the market and against the competition. It's an analytical strategy that studies the aspects that make up a brand.

Conducting a brand audit is a great way to find out why some things in your business are doing well while others are not. It’s also used to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a brand.

Mindfulness is defined as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” As it relates to marketing, mindfulness requires us to look for solutions that will best serve the customer. If you’re thinking that mindfulness is just another trend that you shouldn’t bother with, think again! It can transform the way that your business connects with your ideal customers and help you grow!

By the end of this game-changing book, you will discover what a brand identity is and why do you need one, how mindfulness can affect your marketing strategies, how to steer your brand during a crisis, and so much more!

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