Lie, Lying & Liar
A Lie Has No Legs But It Has Wings
Lie, Lying & Liar

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Lying!

Do you want to understand how lying affects your life and the people around you?

Do you feel like you are constantly being lied to and want to be able to identify liars?

Are you looking for a book that will answer all of your questions about lying?

Your Search Is Over!

Introducing ''Lie, Lying & Liar'' By Kurt Gassner!

A lie is a powerful thing! A single untruth can become the catalyst for shocking and unexpected events. And the unraveling of a lie can be fascinating!

We all lie. From kids to adults, we lie almost every day of our lives. Some people just stick to small harmless lies or will even spare discomfort to someone, and some become addicted to big lies that can hurt them or the people surrounding them.

This easy-to-read book will openly answer all your questions regarding lying; it will help you assess yourself, identify liars and which type of liar you are, understand the difference between harmful and beneficial lying, and much more!

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Read This Outstanding Book Today:

✔️ Discover Why People Lie & The Benefits Of Lying

✔️ Explore What Makes A Good Liar, The Different Types & How To Identify Them

✔️ Find Out How To Handle Lying Children & Prevent Them From Lying

✔️ Discover If You Are A Good Or A Bad Liar

✔️ Learn How To Avoid Lying

And That's Not All!

In this comprehensive book, you will also find a questionnaire to test your "Lie Q," as well as some of the most significant lies in the course of history!

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