Empower Your Subconscious
How to Unlock 96% of your Brain

Life throws hurdles in our path. Don’t jump over them. Smash through.

Everything you want in life is obtainable when you change your thoughts and habits. And in this book, Kurt Gassner will show you how. Rewiring your subconscious through techniques like autosuggestion builds new neuronal networks to see past your limiting subconscious mind. 

Wonder why you continuously repeat bad habits? 

Take control over your life using visualization, meditation techniques, and the channeling of your inner power. You will learn to build self-confidence by focusing and redirecting your harmful thoughts into a positive energy space. These skills will establish harmony in relationships, create wealth, conquer anxieties, eliminate unhealthy habits, aid in physical healing, and develop peace and happiness within yourself. Reaction to your life’s events can be altered to give you the most advantageous outcome. These strategies are easy to follow and work quickly to enhance your life. It’s more than the power of positive thinking. It’s about using practical methods to charge through any obstacle with confidence and certainty. 

Kurt Gassner’s techniques have helped people globally. Inspirational examples throughout the book demonstrate the effectiveness of his techniques with his readers around the world.

Life is not what happens to us, but how we charge through our experiences.

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