Destiny Celibacy
Myth, truth, and tips for improvement of adult life in your best years
Destiny Celibacy

Uncover Truths About Celibacy For Aging People And Improve Your Sexual Life With This Comprehensive Book!

Are you a man or woman over the age of 55 who still has a desire for sexual life?

Do you want to awaken the passion between yourself and your partner?

Do you feel ‘’guilty’’ because you still have a sexual desire?

Now You Can Transform Your Sexual Life And Live A Life Of Pleasure With ''Destiny Celibacy'' By Kurt Gassner!

Sexual intimacy, experiences, identity, and behavior are important for well-being and health across the lifespan.

Sex and sexuality communicate a great deal - affection, love, esteem, warmth, sharing, and bonding. These gifts are as much the right of older adults as they are of those who are much younger. Pleasure and interest in sex do not diminish with age. Age alone is no reason to change the sexual practices that you have enjoyed throughout your life.

In this book, Kurt Gassner is going to answer many of your unanswered questions regarding sexuality after the age of 50, reveal shocking truths, help you better your life and live a life of pleasure with your spouse no matter your age!

Top 5 Reasons To Read This Life-Changing Book Today:

✔️ Explore The Evolution Of Sex And The Concept Of Sexuality

✔️ Uncover Truths About Celibacy And Get Your Questions Answered

✔️ Learn How To Get An Older Woman In The Mood

✔️ Learn What Self Love Is And Why It's Important To Practice It

✔️ Discover How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life

And That's Not All!

Within the pages of this informative book, you will also find a bonus chapter about sexual aids for older adults as well as tips to address your sexuality!

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